Track Your Friendship Bag

Designed to be reused.  We make re-gifting chic.

Our Friendship bags are too beautiful to just stick away in a drawer!   When you give a gift wrapped in a friendship bag,  your friends are encouraged to re-use it for their gift giving.  Pass it on and use it again and again.  It’s great for the environment.

Friendship bags are designed for unabashed re-gifting.  We make re-gifting chic (and honest).

We designed them that way.


Each bag comes with a Friendship Book in the Pocket.

Friendship Book

Friendship Book in the Pocket

Write a personal note in the book as you give it away.

Write in the book when you gift the bag.  Tell your friend what they mean to you, the occasion of the gift….

The book stays with the bag.  When your friend “re-gifts”  the Friendship Bag, your friend would write in the book as well – a message to their friend.

The book become a testament to the pleasure of good company

As your gift travels out into the world, you can track its voyage on our tracking page.  Join the fun and use the unique serial number in each bag to let everyone know – where it started and where it is now.

So far our bags have travelled to North America, Central America, Europe, Asia and Africa.




  • On behalf of our people, we are grateful to you. Your purchase helps our people out of poverty.

    José Tierra Linda, Guatemala
  • Love, love, love this concept. Gifting, regifting and helping humanity all at the same time

    Nancy Rhode Island, USA
  • I love the idea of sending this wine bag through the world. What a great concept and for a worthy cause.

    Barb Vancouver