What We Value

Marion and Linda - Friends and Co- Founders of Amigos Del Mundo

Celebrating Friendship

Marion and Linda, co-founders, are friends.  They work together – placing friendship first, respecting and caring for each other, as they bring different skills to this project.

People working together  with respect and cooperation make a difference in the world, recognizing and celebrating our commonalities, respecting our differences.


We value and celebrate friendship and the interconnectedness of people around the world.

We labeled our product – Friendship Bag. Once received, it is meant to be re-gifted and sent along to the next friend containing a gift that people share together.  The bag comes with a book that records how the bag is used for gift giving from one friend or relation to another. The book when filled in will show how we are connected; celebrating the universality of the pleasure of being with people we care about. The book shows the connectedness of people, for example, the friends at the beginning of the book won’t necessarily know the people at the back of the book, but the book strings us together in one long line of friendship.

Our Work in Guatemala

The idea of friendship and interconnectivity continues with our work with Guatemalan weavers and crafters. We would like to have the sale of our product benefit as many people as possible, specifically in Guatemala.

… creating jobs

First, we want to create jobs in Guatemala. Guatemala is a country full of hardworking people, skilled weavers and crafters, many of whom are under employed and suffering the effects of poverty. In a world where everything can be “knocked off for two bucks in China”, we value the weaving tradition, and the dignity of quality work done by hand. We want to create jobs for weavers and crafters in Guatemala, benefitting their families and communities by paying fair wages and creating sustainable demand for their labour.

… making a difference

We believe in making a difference to families in Guatemala. Proceeds from each bags sold goes toward helping families there.

We value raising the awareness of consumers. When people buy our product they make a difference to others in the world. They make a difference to people who, like them, value family, friends and the dignity of making a decent living. We want our customers to realize that in purchasing our product, they make a direct difference in the lives of people that they don’t even know … but have somehow been connected to them by purchasing a friendship bag made by their hand.