The “Waif” Part Two

We were up at Pastores , Guatemala walking to the yard where we were to meet the 31 children that Amigos del Mundo had  just bought the school uniforms for. The town of Pastores is very small and sits on a steep hillside. The streets are connected by small alleys that run through the middle of the blocks. They are only big enough for a very small vehicle to pass. It is here the children play, the dogs hang out and the families socialize.
We were walking down this narrow alley our way to meet the children: Linda, myself (Marion), Jose, Linda’s sister Lis and her husband Jim, who acted as our camera man.
Ahead of us, we saw a mother and small daughter rushing down the alley to get to our meeting place. We did not see their faces at the time but because of the brand new school uniform this child was wearing it was evident that they were rushing to our meeting. From the back looking ahead of us, this child was freshly bathed. Her hair was still wet and she was skipping along beside her mother as she was being rushed a long. Obviously a very happy child.
As we got closer to them, they realized that we were following us. They turned to look at us.
There again, was that amazing smile looking at us. She ran to us and hugged us each individually. She was beautiful and happy. Her har was done and she was so clean her skin was glowing.
This picture is of the “waif” that day. The other picture is of her a year ago…….Can we call her the “Waif” anymore???…..I don’t think so!!!!
Thanks to all of you for your support……we are helping to change the lives of children……

Our "waif" scrubbed and ready for school

The waif

The Waif - last year

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  1. Barbara Welsh says:

    Thanks for sharing Marion and Linda, this little girl’s smile has brought sunshine to my day.

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