Sun Friendship Bag

Mayan inspired fabrics.

Our second line of Friendship Bags – the Sun Line. They are made of colorful hand woven fabrics that reflect the Guatemalan Mayan traditions and life.

We named them after the Sun. The bright colors of the Sun Friendship Bags compliment those of the natural  colours of our Earth Line.

All fabric is hand made on a foot loom by our family of Mayan weavers.

Designed to be used as a wine bag, but their is no limit to their use for other gift items.


See more details on our catalogue page:


Sun Line Fabric - Linda



  • On behalf of our people, we are grateful to you. Your purchase helps our people out of poverty.

    José Tierra Linda, Guatemala
  • Love, love, love this concept. Gifting, regifting and helping humanity all at the same time

    Nancy Rhode Island, USA
  • I love the idea of sending this wine bag through the world. What a great concept and for a worthy cause.

    Barb Vancouver