Helping Children in Guatemala

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Your purchase helps children and families in Guatemala

Shoe shine boys

Shoe shine boys in the Park

In Guatemala more than half the population lives below the national poverty line.  Families are traditionally large with many children. There is a lack of basic medical care, often providing nutritious food on a consistent daily basis is a problem for many families.  This limits the opportunities for children to be educated, find good jobs, and create a brighter future for this beautiful country.

In Guatemala,children of poor families can go to school until grade six. Children must bring their own school supplies and buy mandatory school uniforms. In large Guatemalan families, struggling with poverty, this is an issue. Providing food for the table is often difficult enough for large families. School supplies and proper clothing are not their highest priority.  In fact many children don’t go to school. Out of financial necessity they are sent out to work at menial mind numbing jobs at a very young age.

Proceeds from your purchase go to our Community Fund. Our goal is to help families keep their children in school.






  • On behalf of our people, we are grateful to you. Your purchase helps our people out of poverty.

    José Tierra Linda, Guatemala
  • Love, love, love this concept. Gifting, regifting and helping humanity all at the same time

    Nancy Rhode Island, USA
  • I love the idea of sending this wine bag through the world. What a great concept and for a worthy cause.

    Barb Vancouver