Celebrating Friendship

The Friendship Wine bag is a perfect addition to any table where freindship is celebrated

We were inspired to create the Friendship Bag  because we enjoy connecting with our friends.  When invited to a dinner party, we thought that bringing wine in beautiful bag would make a gracious gift.

Our wine bags are designed to celebrate connections: with friends, family, people we work with… all the people in our lives.

Friends and family give us pleasure and lend meaning to our lives. These beautiful bags, of a high quality are a symbol of the importance of friends, family, esteemed colleagues.

Celebrate how we are all connected…

Celebrate your close friendships and at the same time connect to the world in a meaningful way.  The purchase of our Friendship Bag connects you and your friends in a meaningful way to the Guatemalans who make them – slowly and with dignity using their own hands.

That why we say we are Amigos del Mundo – Friends of the World

Weaving friendship one gift at a time.


  • On behalf of our people, we are grateful to you. Your purchase helps our people out of poverty.

    José Tierra Linda, Guatemala
  • Love, love, love this concept. Gifting, regifting and helping humanity all at the same time

    Nancy Rhode Island, USA
  • I love the idea of sending this wine bag through the world. What a great concept and for a worthy cause.

    Barb Vancouver